Whatever your solvent problem may be, Green Rose Chemistry can help. Our services range from simple assessment all the way to joint development of new commercial solvents. If you have a problematic solvent, we can recommend a science-based replacement that will stay ahead of regulation, sidestepping regrettable substitutions and leapfrogging you ahead of the competition.

Looking for information about the solvents you're using? We can give you an expert opinion and make some quick recommendations for possible replacements.

If you need a new solvent, but don't know how to pick one, that's where we come in. We will use our expertise to identify a replacement solvent for your specific needs.

Got a promising compound or blend that could be a solvent? We can measure solvation properties, identify applications, and find the perfect commercial use.


If your solvent issue is not listed here, we are very excited to hear from you! Tell us about your unique problem and we will tell you how we can help.


If you're just starting your solvents journey, Green Rose can help with an initial assessment of your product or process solvents. This includes a summary of hazards, legislative outlook, and prediction of ease of substitution.

Solvent Assessment
Solvent Substitution


Green Rose Chemistry can help your replace your problematic solvents. Whether it's a performance issue, new legislative restrictions, or consumer demand for green or bio-based products, we're here to help. Our approach combines computational prediction of solvent properties with lab-based assessment to identify the perfect replacement solvent.



If you've got a new bio-based chemical that you'd like to develop as a solvent, reach out! We are experienced in predicting and testing solvent applications of new molecules, and can identify the conditions in which your chemical will excel. 

Solvent Development
Custom Solvent


Don't see your solvent issue listed here? Let us know. We're happy to discuss your particular problem and detail how we can help.