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The founding team of Green Rose Chemistry combine years of expertise with cutting-edge technology and a passion for green industry. They saw an opportunity to take the Sustainable Solvent Selection Service (S4) framework developed by the GCCE and expand upon it, using their combined experience in green chemistry to offer a solution to increased regulatory pressures and market demands.

Anna Zhenova
Founder and CEO
James Sherwood
Scientific Advisor
Peter Fisk
Business Advisor

Anna has worked with numerous clients to replace hazardous solvents in industrial processes using the S4 framework. Her Ph.D. research developed new applications for safe, bio-based solvents, combining both state-of-the-art computational modeling and comprehensive experimental work, and especially focusing on polymers. Anna excels in translating academic expertise to real-world applications, especially where solvents are concerned.

After receiving a Ph.D. in the applications of bio-based solvents, James developed the S4 methodology for solvent selection at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (University of York) in 2014. He was the first to demonstrate the use of Cyrene™ as a solvent, and continues to investigate safer solvents  for organic synthesis as a post-doctoral research associate at York.

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