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Whether you've got a problem solvent that needs replacing, or a promising solvent candidate you'd like expert advice on, Green Rose Chemistry is here to help.

Our solvent chemists are experienced in predicting, measuring, and testing solvent properties and applications. Whatever your solvent question is, we can answer it.

Do you need a new solvent that is safer, greener, or compliant with legislation? Want to remove a hazardous solvent from your process, but not sure where to start? Green Rose Chemistry can help. Our solvent experts use computational and laboratory tools to intelligently choose the right replacement. Our bespoke R&D packages can be customised to your needs, large or small. 

Green Rose Chemistry uses the S4 Research Framework developed by the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York. In its 8 years of development with industrial partners, the S4 framework has solved a number of difficult challenges, from solvent replacement to solvent development. Read our case studies to see how Green Rose services could help you.

Do you have a molecule in your library that might have potential as a solvent? Have you developed a bio-based transformation, and want to explore commercial applications of your new chemical? Green Rose Chemistry can provide the solvent expertise to identify and test potential solvent applications for your chemical candidate, starting you on the path to commercialisation.


Green Rose Chemistry began at the University of York, where researchers at the world-renowned Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence developed a framework to enable science-based solvent substitution. After testing it, we discovered that the results it delivered were perfect for solving industrial problems. Now, we're taking solvent substitution science to industry.

Our mission is to empower industry to intelligently assess, select, and develop solvents. We want to bring our solvent expertise out of the lab and into the real world, where it can help companies improve their products and processes.


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